Every step in the process of raising capital – presentation, structure, pricing, negotiation, and closing – requires skill, knowledge, and experience to get the best result.  Just as you wouldn’t do-it-yourself when creating blueprints for a new corporate office, developing a new IT system, or filing patent applications, you shouldn’t go it alone when raising capital for your Company.  Rely on a “money pro” such as Ascendiant to help you navigate the complexities of a financing transaction, and benefit from our network of capital sources, and ability to run a competitive process to get the best structure, pricing, and terms for your Company. 

You may choose to keep it confidential that your Company is raising capital.  This might be for competitive reasons, or perhaps you don’t want a major supplier, channel partner, or customer to know your Company is in the market for funding.  One of the many benefits of engaging Ascendiant to help you is we can have initial discussions with prospective investors without revealing the identity of your Company.  

There are several things you can do from a strategic and/or operational standpoint to make your Company attractive to prospective investors, but it all starts with the presentation.  You know the saying, “you only get one opportunity to make a first impression.”  We can help you articulate your Company’s business strategy, highlight key investment considerations, and refine your financial model so prospective investors can see the how their capital can be deployed to get the desired results and return on investment.

You have the right to refuse any financing proposal presented to your Company without incurring any obligation to Ascendiant and/or prospective investors.   Ascendiant, as your investment banking firm, will not have the power to bind your Company to any financing transaction or obligation.  You will maintain full control to accept or reject any proposal at your sole discretion.  

When choosing an investment banking firm for your Company, experience and track record are very important.  Make sure the firm has completed transactions with similar characteristics – stage, structure, amount - to what you are seeking.  Make sure the banker assigned to your account has demonstrated the requisite skills and experience.  At Ascendiant, all our engagements are managed by senior-level investment bankers with many years of experience and long lists of successfully completed transactions.  There are no short-cuts or substitute for experience; it takes years to build a network of investors and to develop the skills and knowledge to effectively represent a Company going to market to raise capital.

Over the years, Ascendiant has specialized in providing capital to publicly-traded companies, matching those clients with institutional investors.  Ascendiant has completed financing transactions with companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, and the over-the-counter (OTC) market.  For its public company clients, Ascendiant has led transactions ranging from $500,000 bridge loans to $25 million private placements, and participated in larger public offerings of $100 million.  Ascendiant also helps later-stage private companies with their financing needs.  Our firm is less able to assist start-up or early-stage private companies, as our investor base in largely institutional.  Ascendiant’s investment bankers have experience across a wide spectrum of industry sectors and geographies.

It’s our experience that every engagement is unique, and every transaction has its own path and timeline.  We’ve successfully completed financing transactions ranging from a few days to several months, and everything in between.   Generally, public company transactions are quicker than those with private companies, because public filings, audits, and disclosures allow the due diligence process to be accelerated.  Having said that, we will try to accommodate your Company’s needs and timing as best we can so that capital can be put to work to grow your business.