Mark Bergendahl and Brad Wilhite founded Ascendiant in 2001.  

Mr. Bergendahl and Mr. Wilhite were involved with starting, investing in, and operating other businesses prior to creating Ascendiant.  One of the companies was Odyssey Sports which was successfully sold to Callaway Golf.  Another company they started together was taken public, which gave Bergendahl and Wilhite direct experience raising capital, pursuing growth through acquisitions, and managing all aspects of a publicly-traded entity.

Mr. Bergendahl and Mr. Wilhite created Ascendiant to serve a platform to identify investment opportunities, put capital to work, and provide advisory and support services to client companies and investors.  Mr. Bergendahl and Mr. Wilhite believed the knowledge and expertise they gained while operating public and private companies gave them a unique perspective and insight, and they have recruited talented, experienced, senior-level professionals with similar operating backgrounds to join them.

Ascendiant continues forward with an entrepreneurial spirit, eager to provide capital, guidance, and support to companies with innovative ideas, emerging technologies, and new business models.